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Solar Power at Camp Callaway

Installed array

 Recent Developments: Recently, the Georgia Public Service Commission voted unanimously to authorize an additional 210 megawatts of solar energy to the Georgia Power portfolio.  Best of all, 90 megawatts will be allocated to small, medium and residential solar projects in addition to utility-scale development. Jessica Moore, executive director of the Georgia Solar Energy Association ( […]

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SEER and EER: Ground Source Heat Pumps are different

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Last month we wrote about SEER ratings on HVAC equipment.  There is some HVAC equipment that does not measure efficiency seasonally.  You may remember that the “S” in SEER stands for Seasonal. Ground Source Heat Pumps or Geothermal Heat Pump measure their efficiency simply as EER or Energy Efficiency Ration and an additional item called […]

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SEER, what does it mean?

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The efficiency of central air conditioners is rated according to its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER.  The SEER rating is the amount of cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electrical input during the same period.  We won’t get into the units of energy used here like BTU’s or Watt-Hours.  […]

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