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Solar Power at Camp Callaway

 Recent Developments:

Installed array

Installed array at Camp Callaway

Recently, the Georgia Public Service Commission voted unanimously to authorize an additional 210 megawatts of solar energy to the Georgia Power portfolio.  Best of all, 90 megawatts will be allocated to small, medium and residential solar projects in addition to utility-scale development.

Jessica Moore, executive director of the Georgia Solar Energy Association ( stated, “The Georgia Solar Energy Association is thrilled to see the Public Service Commission not only authorizing a significant short-term deployment of solar energy through its current regulatory structure, but also encouraging legislative leaders to reconsider the current policy restrictions that have prevented the state from achieving its enormous potential for solar energy production.”

Moore added that the PSC’s decision validates solar as a viable, cost-effective method of delivering power to Georgia’s homes and businesses. “Solar creates jobs, keeps rising energy rates in check, protects our air quality and makes Georgia more self-sufficient when it comes to meeting our energy needs.”

At Callaway Gardens:

Pine Mountain Builders, LLC, along with our customers and trade partners, are doing our part to extend the solar power portfolio of Georgia Power.  We recently completed a solar power installation in our Camp Callaway Community.  Pine Mountain Builders, LLC partnered with Soenso Energy to complete our first photovoltaic array. 

Installed Enphase micro-inverter


This installation is now one of nearly 450 residential solar electric installations statewide according to  The installed array is a combination of twenty-four Schuco panels and Enphase micro-inverters.  Also installed was an Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway networking hub which connects every module and inverter in the array to the Internet, allowing the array’s performance to be monitored remotely.  The use of the micro-inverters improves the system’s performance when the array is partially shaded.  The complete system is expected to produce 5.64 KW and 7,716 kWh annually.  The net effect on the home’s total energy performance is a near-zero energy home with a HERS score below 20, which is exceptional considering a code built home today has a HERS score of 100.  The lower the number the better, in this instance.  The total investment for the array was $25,600 which will be reduced by 65% through the use of Federal and State tax credits available to the property owners.  This home is also outfitted with a bi-directional meter that allows excess power to be sold back to Georgia Power.

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