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SEER, what does it mean?

The efficiency of central air conditioners is rated according to its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER.  The SEER rating is the amount of cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electrical input during the same period.  We won’t get into the units of energy used here like BTU’s or Watt-Hours.  Just know that a particular unit’s efficiency is a ratio of what comes out divided by what goes in.

SEER represents the units expected overall performance for a typical year’s weather in a given location.  The building code minimum at the time of this writing is SEER 13.  We, as Pine Mountain Builders, utilize SEER 14 equipment as a standard.  We do this because we already have an excellent thermal enclosure and all our supply ducts are located in this envelope.  The thermal envelope and ducts are third-party inspected to insure a minimum of air leakage.

We purchase the most cost-effective HVAC equipment and install it in a high performance envelope – Your Home.

At Pine Mountain Builders, we are working hard to make sure every watt of electricity that you purchase is being used as efficiently as possible because your indoor comfort and energy savings are important to us.

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