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John and Peggy Christian: Longleaf at Callaway

“Our visits to Callaway were always pleasant and restful, and the beauty of the gardens renewed our spirits.  We found nothing like Callaway and Longleaf anywhere in the Southeast.  We sold (traded) our Florida home for a Longleaf home and here we are.  We moved-in in June, 2006.  Our feelings about living in Longleaf and Callaway probably mirror your own.  It’s a Children and Grandchildren magnet.  We love our neighbors and friends.  It’s great to volunteer as a worker in the gardens.  We also enjoy the wonderful community of Pine Mountain, the churches, the festivals, fire flies, and even the occasional snow.  Here is a short poem:


We came to Callaway today

And watched our troubles float away.”


John and Peggy Christian

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